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Q. How do I renew my books?


There are several ways you can renew your loans:

1. Online

2. Using the self-service machines

3. By phone

4. By email

5. In person


1. Online:

a. Go to Library Search and, after clicking on 'Sign in',

log into ‘My Library Card' at the top right of the screen.


b. Enter your Goldsmiths card barcode number and PIN.


c. Click on 'Renew all':

*Please note: currently there is a bug in the system. When you click on 'Renew all', a 'Renew failed for all items' error message will appear, however your items will have been renewed successfully (unless your record is blocked, your fines are greater than £10, the items have been reserved by another borrower, or the items have already been renewed today). Check the due date - if it has changed, then your items have been renewed successfully.*


or click on 'LOANS' and renew items individually:


2. On the self-service machines:

a. Select 'borrow & account' and scan your Goldsmiths card.

b.  Select 'account' then 'renew all'


3. By phone 

a. Dial 020 7919 7189.


4. By emailing

a. Send your email to


5. In person

a. Go to the Library Help Desk, and ask a member of staff to renew your items.


NB. You will not be able to renew books yourself if:

  • your record is blocked
  • you have fines greater than £10
  • an item is reserved and overdue

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