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Q. How can I search for all books published in the last year?

To find all items published in a particular year, use the Advanced Search to perform a 'blank' search, then refine your search results by Creation Date. You should type a punctuation mark (such as a comma) in the search field, which the search engine will then ignore.

To find all books published in 2018 which the library holds:

  • Select Advanced Search
  • Change the Search Scope to 'Physical Items'
  • Under Material Type, select 'Books'
  • Under Publication Date, select 'Last year'
  • Next to 'Any field contains', type a punctuation mark such a comma, full stop or a dash (i.e. , or . or - )
  • Press 'Search'

This will give you a list of books published in the last 12 months which we hold.

  • In the 'Refine my results' column, change the Creation Date parameter to: 'From 2018 To 2018'
  • Click 'Refine'

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